When searching for ideas to release the creative drive that is in the artist that is in me, it is only natural that I began painting cityscapes. Growing up in an urban environment I was always sketching buildings and street scenes. Starting with the first painting I knew I had fell on subject matter that I not only could get a creative release, but also bring out some emotion from the viewer. What is art but the search for an emotional connection with the artist and the viewer? 
The first paintings were of local scenes and welcomed by the galleries in the area. As I have had the opportunity to travel more I have started to capture images from around the country, icons of a changing America. 
On one of my trips I fell into a format that I have been pursuing the last few years, and that is ballparks. I went to a minor league game in my home town and noticed the city behind the outfield wall, this fell right into what I paint and I have found that people are passionate about baseball. Very Passionate. It was then that I set out on a life goal to paint every Major league ballpark foul pole to foul pole.
Although I tried to limit myself to going to and painting two a year, I have found the demand of the fans wanting their team hard to keep up with. 
From very pedestrian views of things like gas meters, man hole covers, and parking meters: To the grand views of the ballparks of Major League Baseballs majestic stadiums and everything in-between. Famous neon signs and theater marques, the subject material is vast and life is fleeting, so I paint.
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Photograph courtesy of Black Olive Photography and David Price www.blackolivestudios.com
Tom Gross -Acrylic Cityscapes and Sportscapes